Tuesday, February 8, 2011

i love this guy, he seems super cool, and his photos are super cool too. my favorite picture taker by far.
camerabag is perfect too.


  1. Hey Ryder, It is your follower and contest winner Carol here - Steve's friend. So how small is the world? I am Frank's agent and Rylan the guy who does Camerabag is my friend. I love that. So come visit us in LA - maybe after Hawaii? I still love your blog and am looking. Hope you are all all right there - hearing about EQ there - Carol

  2. Wow! That's so cool, those two things are some of my very favorites.THIS IS SO GREAT. And i would love to visit next time i come to LA . Thanks so much for your interest, all this is so exciting.


    ps. It is totally fine where i live, but further south is where the EQ was.


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